Benefits of Kombucha

I didn’t know much about Kombucha until a few months ago. The benefits of Kombucha are extremely rare in any form of tea. To me, it was a surprise to start discovering them.

First of all, what is Kombucha?

Benefits of Kombucha Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Kombucha is a form of fermented tea, which it’s said to have originated in China or Japan.

Apart from the benefits we may find in other types of tea, like black tea, green tea, ginger or chamomile, Kombucha is rich in probiotics and antioxidants that can kill bacteria and may also help fight certain diseases.

Today, I’m sharing with you what to me are the most important benefits of kombucha.

Top Health Benefits of Kombucha:


Kombucha is Naturally Full of Probiotics

To make Kombucha specific types of bacteria, yeast and sugar are added to green or black tea. Then, they let it ferment for a week or two.

What happens during the fermentation process is that the bacteria and yeast form a sort of mushroom type of film on the surface of the liquid. Some people call Kombucha, mushroom tea for this reason.

This smudgy substance is a living symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast and it’s used to ferment new kombucha.

I know it sounds super gross but bear with me.

This process also produces an acid called Acetic. Vinegar also contains this acid.  Furthermore, we can find other acids and levels of alcohol and gases which help with the carbonation of it.

More importantly, a pretty big amount of probiotic bacteria is produced during the fermentation process.

What probiotics do is provide healthy bacteria to your gut.

What do the bacteria do exactly?

Well, they can improve your health, in terms of digestion, inflammation and weight loss. Yes!

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Kombucha and Green Tea are not that Different

Being one of the most beneficial teas, Green tea has many bioactive compounds, including polyphenols.

Polyphenols act as a powerful antioxidant.

As I’ve mentioned, Kombucha is made from green tea. For this reason, It clearly contains many of the same plant compounds and can, as such, provide some of the same benefits.

In terms of weight loss, some studies have shown that drinking green tea regularly, can increase calorie burning in the body, reduction in belly fat, steadier cholesterol levels, and control blood sugar.

Kombucha has High Levels of Antioxidants


Benefits of Kombucha

Antioxidants generated from foods and beverages are far healthier than those coming from antioxidant supplements.

With Kombucha, when it’s made with green tea, the antioxidants in it can be helpful to the health of your liver, in particular.

Antioxidants also are perfect if you’re thinking of starting a weight loss plan. The healthier and natural foods and beverages we ingest the better results you’ll obtain when changing your diet for weight loss and improving your health in general.

Kombucha Can Kill Bacteria

Kombucha has antibacterial properties because of the acetic acid.

This acid, which we can also find in vinegar, has the ability to kill harmful microorganisms and bacteria that cause infections.

However, there are probiotic bacteria that goes into the process of fermentation of kombucha. The antimicrobial effects of acetic acid won’t affect this probiotic bacteria.

Kombucha May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Green tea and black tea have properties that protect LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation, which it is said to be a major contributor to heart disease.

Benefits of Kombucha


Kombucha Is Healthy When Made Properly

The benefits of Kombucha are solid because it is a super tea rich in probiotics.

The problem is that you need to make sure you make the right way. Preparing Kombucha properly is the key to everything. I have explained the process but it is in no way enough to get you to prepare it by yourself at home.

Trust me, get as much information on how to make it as you can. Watch videos or ask somebody, who is an expert in the subject, to teach you.

When you have contaminated or over-fermented kombucha, it can cause serious health problems. So, please be sure to educate yourself on how to make kombucha, before you attempt to make it at home.

Of course, you can purchase it at stores or online. It is safer. Just make sure you read the labels, some brands have added sugar. Stir clear of those.

I hope you can get on these benefits of kombucha can be useful and can help you make the decision of getting on the kombucha train, it really is beneficial to your health.

Keep it healthy, guys 😀

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