Top 10 Tips to Living a Healthy Life

Living our best life! I guess this means living to the fullest. To me living our best life means living as healthy, happy and relaxed as we can. That’s why I came up with my top 10 tips to living a healthy life.

But how do we accomplish this? (according to my experience) We accomplish it by balancing everything out, and when I say everything I mean… Everything. Work, family time, friends time, self-time, eating, cooking, working out… that’s just a lot. It can be exhausting, and we’re constantly working on keeping a sense of balance.

Most days we just wake up feeling like we don’t want to work towards our goal of finding this equilibrium, we might not want to do anything at all that day. That’s right; no work, no cooking (just order in), watch television and do nothing. Trust me, I’ve had most of those kinds of days than any balanced ones.

How do I find the solution?

In order to manage living a healthy life, I find inspiration in the things that make me excited about waking up every day. We all must have at least one small thing in our lives that make us happy. If it’s your family, your job, a special hobby you have (jogging, reading an exciting new book, crafting). Honestly, it can be anything, even walking outside and looking at the sunrise. For me, it’s cooking. I just like food, good food.

Over the years I’ve struggled with weight and self-image. It was really hard for me to lose weight, I went through a period where I was hardly eating and still I kept struggling. It was all because I didn’t know which foods I should be eating. After years of my weight going up and down, I finally focused on myself and what could work for me and my body type. I discovered that I didn’t process dairy very well, I needed to stay away from wheat and I couldn’t stay in friendly terms with sugar. So, basically, I was crying my way to weight loss.

I needed to understand and love food, but the foods that were good for me. So, I started cooking my own meals and began researching and experimenting with food.

This blog is dedicated to food and living a healthy, peaceful and tasty life… with what we have.

Here are 10 tips to living a healthy life. There are so many ways to achieving this, but these are the most important in my opinion and I think will add great value on your way to being the best version of yourself 😊

That’s why I wanted to give you all, these 10 tips to living a healthy and happy life.

Rest is needed

You cannot live to the fullest if you’re tired, that won’t get you far in your goal of living in a healthier manner.

Sleep is a vital part of maintaining ourselves healthy and energized throughout the day. It helps us with our focus, with our performance at work, school or whatever activity we do in our daily life. Honestly, it’s our number 1 source of power and to me the top tip I can give you on living a healthy life.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Sleep needs vary across ages and are especially impacted by lifestyle and health”.  Also, we need to be careful of certain things we put in our bodies that may prevent us from having a good night sleep. Coffee, I know a lot of us can’t live without it but try to manage the dosage to a cup less than what you usually take every day. And of course, try not to drink any after 5 o’clock.

Another sleep preventer is alcohol. It will most likely give you difficulty to stay asleep. You might fall asleep without even noticing you were sleepy in the first place, but you most definitely will wake up repeatedly during the night.

On that same route, smoking can also hurt you in the long hall. Worries, debts, problems to solve, all of these might keep you up at night. Sleep debt or sleep deprivation is something you can take care of by resourcing to some yoga before bed, making a list of things to do on the next day so that you don’t go to bed worried and you can rest and recharge to start fresh the next day.

The fuel

I’ve already said how much I love food. Well, who doesn’t?

First of all, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a scary monster that’s out to get you. I can honestly tell you that finding healthy options for you and what you need is what will help you improve your quality of life. It will also keep you on your toes. For me, it was all about research and starting to appreciate what I put in my body.

I needed a special diet because I can’t eat dairy, wheat and very little sugar… Basically all the tasty things ☹

But I accepted it and started researching. Since I want this post to be for everybody, I’ll tell you all about my diet on a later post.

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My first advice on this matter is don’t just jump into a huge dietary change, take it slow. You can’t put your body through that, don’t eliminate everything you eat at once. Start substituting slowly and add foods that will benefit that change in your life.

Make healthier choices. Try cooking your own meals, this way you’ll be sure of what’s in them. Make a grocery list of what you need for the meals of the week, also get some healthy snacks like nuts (if you’re not allergic, of course), fruits are also a good option; bananas, pomegranate, mango, pineapple.

It’s always good to have fruits around in general. Also, try purchasing vegetables, lean meats, seafood, eggs, dairy products, and whole grains.

Avoid packaged food as much as you can. Sodium is generally in all packaged products and that’s one of the biggest no-nos. On that note, try using as little salt as you can because sodium is in it.

Try to keep a low intake of solid fats, these are fats that are solid at room temperature like butter, oils, beef fat, trans fat is also included here. Instead get some avocado, eggs, dark chocolate, nuts, Chia seeds, and Olive oil are healthier replacements.

In short, making healthier choices when eating will give your body the energy it needs to be more physically active. Our bodies need vitamins and minerals, for example, Vitamin C and E help us renew our skin cells and collagen (keeps you looking young too). Vitamin A helps with your eyesight. We can find all these on most vegetables and fruits.

Let’s keep it healthy.


You have to work for it.

Whatever type of exercise you enjoy, go for it. The important thing here is to move your body. It is the only thing we need to improve our physical condition.


Make sure you choose an activity suited for your physical state. If you are really out of shape, you haven’t worked out in a long time because of work, or maybe you’ve fallen into a sedentary state without even noticing, the best thing is to start with slow routines to get the heart rate going and start burning away the extra calories.

You may begin by walking or jogging in a local park, this way you can enjoy nature too. Yoga can also be a good choice, riding a bike or even dancing, just try to make it as fun for as you can. This way your brain won’t relate working out to something uninteresting.

If you can handle it right away, then there are several routines for reinforcing targeted areas of your body, if that’s what you want to work towards. Also, there are many routines that mix dancing, sit-ups, squats and more; those are super fun.

The important thing is to have some sort of activity that will get you moving. Try to always do 15 minutes as a minimum, it’s what is normally recommended.

Speaking of work out…

Intercourse has been proven to be a great way of improving our health. We’re not saying that you will burn more calories this way than if you go on a treadmill for 15 minutes. But it helps accelerate your heart rate and your using several muscles in your body which helps in maintaining the blood flowing.

It also helps in balancing estrogen and testosterone levels. Sexual arousal, touching, hugging and intimacy releases hormones that pump up our pleasure which benefits in reducing stress, tension, and anxiety.

A perfect recipe for a healthy and happy life.

No Smoking Allowed!

Simple as that. I’m not here to lecture you on how destructive smoking is and how it takes the body through several physical and immune complications. The substances contained in tobacco are completely dangerous; Nicotine, Hydrogen cyanide, Lead, Arsenic, Ammonia, Benzene, and others. Keep in mind if you smoke, that these substances you inhale on a daily basis affect not only your lungs but your entire system.

To name a few, mood stimulation, irritability, unhealthy teeth, early menopause, bronchitis, heart disease, lung cancer. Apart from the fact that it makes it difficult for your immune system to fight infections.

As I’ve mentioned, Nicotine is one of the main ingredients in tobacco. This is a type of drug that alters your mood and it reaches your brain almost immediately, making you feel momentarily energized. However, as the effect fades, you feel tired and start craving more. People have difficulty quitting smoking because Nicotine has an effect that forms a habit. When detaching from smoking, people may start feeling anxious, irritated, depressed, stressed out and sleep deprived.

But quitting is possible, if you have trouble achieving this goal, consult your doctor. There are medications, quitting plans they can recommend. Remember taking that first step (deciding to quit) is all it takes to get on the road to a healthier life.


You’re taking care of yourself, that means you like the person you are… we’re on the right track…

When we think about ourselves in a kind manner and believe in ourselves, that’s when we start to see things differently. Be kind to yourself, be confident in your life choices.

Living a happy life can only happen if you’re content with the person that you are. Appreciating who you are, what you do and the way you treat others is the basis to living a better life.

Begin by thinking of yourself as a worthy human being. As your self-esteem grows, you will realize that you deserve good things happening to you and in turn you will begin to work towards the success you feel you’ve earned in life.

Invest in yourself. Find things that make you passionate and dedicate some of your time to it. Maybe 30 minutes, watching a show, learning a new technique, reading, anything that’s just for you and fulfills you. Yes, you’re allowed to think about yourself. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about giving yourself the importance you deserve.

Don’t ever feel bad for lifting yourself up.

Stand up tall

Having a good posture has been proven to decrease stress in ligaments throughout the joints in our spine. When our back starts to hurt, it won’t let you perform any of your regular activities (and I speak from experience) it holds you back completely.

When you sit, stand or lay down in the wrong position it causes fatigue because your muscles are not being used properly and efficiently, causing your body to use much more energy than these particular activities require.

What we can do to improve our posture is mainly to be aware of it. Keep it mind until eventually, you’re just standing tall and straight without noticing.

Also, good muscle flexibility helps a lot. Always stretch, especially if you have an office job, take a couple of minutes to stand up, walk a little and stretch your arms above your head, do slow circular movements with your neck, look up for five seconds and then down. Repeat this a couple times during the day and when you get home do a more complete routine. Yoga poses are pretty good for this type of work.


What are you living for?

The best thing to have in life is something to live for. A purpose, a goal. Dreams are, to me, what keeps me motivated, they keep me inspired. Whether if it’s something small or the biggest aspiration that may seem impossible, who cares? It’s yours, it makes you happy, it keeps you moving.

Waking up every day knowing that you’re working towards something that will bring you happiness once you’ve conquered it, it will give you the strength to thrive every single day. The minute you get to that finish line, you will already have 10 more things that you would like to accomplish next. Because you’ve gathered so much determination in that first journey, you’re now an expert at focusing, working and conquering.

Just keep believing in yourself and your abilities and trust me you’ll do beautifully.


Is there a higher spirit out there you believe in? Do you believe in nature? Hey, whatever it is, be thankful, even if it is to yourself.

We’ve talked about self-love; well self-appreciation is also allowed. Being thankful to yourself for what you’ve accomplished is a way to acknowledge the fact that you’ve worked hard, and you deserve to be appreciated.

To me, it’s important to always reconnect to nature, to God and to myself. I always take time to think about my actions, my efforts, my determination to move forward and continue improving in my craft, my relationships and myself. It’s necessary for me to find a time in my day or week to be at peace, give thanks to the universe for helping me put things in order and keep me grounded.

In the same way, there are people in my life that make me happy with their sole presence. My family, my friends, I appreciate them, and I am so thankful to have them support me and my dreams. Even when we don’t see eye to eye, I know they’re still there for me.

Be at peace and give thanks always.

Giving Back

Along with appreciating what and who is around you, appreciation of what you have it’s also important. And giving some kind of help to those who like you are fighting to thrive will fulfill you immensely.

Giving back doesn’t always mean monetary help, although if that’s within your power, by all means, do so. But I’m speaking more specifically about what most people who are trying to find peace, guidance, understanding need and it’s what we all need at what time or another; someone to support us.

Trust me, I’ve felt very alone sometimes in my ambitions and dreams. No support from family, friends. Yes, they would listen. But there wasn’t a solid word of support coming from anybody. Of course, it’s always understandable your dreams and goals are yours and not everybody has to feel the same way about them as you do. But it can get you down.

So, try supporting those who come to you for support and understanding as much as you can, that may be all they need.

Do your part.

Extra Tips for a Healthy Life

Water intake… Don’t forget it. Water is your best friend, keeps you clean on the inside and out. 8 glasses a day.

Keep going, breath in. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keep it fun!

There you go, guys. These are just my top 10 picks. There’s a lot more you can do, but just take the first step into leaving laziness and bad habits behind. If you have any suggestions on what topic I should do next and what to know more about my healthy life tricks,  please sign up to our mailing list down below 😉

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